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If you have assets that are not working for you, they're costing you money. They're costing you money in personal property tax, insurance and other carrying costs. It makes sound business sense to turn those assets into cash and one way to do that is to use the auction method. My name is John Beazley, and our company is Beazley Auctioneers. In the world, approximately $100 billion worth of equipment is traded annually. A very, very small percentage of that is traded by auction. That may be because sellers are not comfortable with the auction process. They may need more time to do their due diligence, or they may not simply know that the assets are for sale by auction.

With the auction method and marketing your assets, we turn conventional purchasing right up on its head. Instead of waiting for a classified ad and going and negotiating a price, we compel the buyer to come at a specific date, specific place, and a specific time. We create a competitive marketplace and if they want the equipment, it's that day or never. With the marketing power that the internet affords us, we are able to sell your items in a marketplace that transcends only the local market. In the sale that we just conducted, we sold items out of country and out of state. We sold things locally on site as well.

I was actually afforded the opportunity to be one of the few auctioneers in the world who sold an excess of a billion dollars worth of equipment in the heavy equipment industry. If you list it conventionally, you could list it for a higher price, and you could sit on the equipment for several weeks or several months. Ultimately never getting it sold, wasting hundreds or thousands of dollars in classified ads or other marketing means that may be available to you. At the end of the day, you still have the equipment, you haven't sold it, and you're going to turn to auction. It used to be the last resort to sell equipment. Now in the industry, it's becoming the preferred method simply because of the competitive environment that we can create and the demand for equipment in the marketplace today.

Whether you have heavy equipment, trucks, trailers, or other assets to sell, Beazley Auctioneers has the experience to sell your items to the market for the highest possible net return. Request a complimentary strategy session or give us a call, we would like to earn a piece of your business.

- John Beazley

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